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Keynote Speakers Confirmed

Ulm University

We are happy to announce, that our keynote speakers are confirmed and scheduled throughout the conference.

Our invited keynote speakers are scheduled over all three days of the conference. The opening session on Monday will start with Gerhard Kahmen: "More than Moore or CMOS +X – Complementing CMOS to overcome the limits of scaling for future electronic systems".

On Tuesday during the plenary session we have two guests. Goutam Chattopadhyay will talk about "Terahertz Space Instruments and Technologies" and Andrea Neto about "Toward THz Pulsed Radars".

The closing session on Wednesday will be accompanied by James C. Hwang: "Microwaving a Biological Cell Alive ‒ Broadband Label-free Noninvasive Electrical Characterization of a Live Cell"